Don't Think You Can't Do It

by Jaison Chacko Mathew
Don't Think You Can't Do It

Sometimes having bigger dreams are hard to achieve and also creeping to start with. However, those are the only thing that keeps you going and pushing forward, if you can dream of having something, you have achieved it in a half way.

It's not about starting chasing dreams that matters for some, but; The struggles they need to make, The fear of leaving most things they love doing behind to chase a new thing, and also what others would be saying about them. These are part of the things making them thinking that they they can not do it or achieve it. And how can you get over this kind of thinking about that you are too young to achieve your big goals and dreams?

Believe In Yourself

Man failures begin whenever they start doubting in themselves or don't believe in themselves. A man who wants to climb a mountain but never believe in himself can never make it to the top of the mountain. When you believe and trust yourself in everything you want to do the rest challenges will go on with ease.

You Are Who You Think Of Yourself

You are whom you think of yourself, just like it's been stated in the holy books that, A man is who he thinks to be.  If you think of yourself as a champion you will always feels like a champion, and if you also sees or think of yourself às a looser you will always feels to be so.

Don't Beat Yourself If You Failed

Most times we would fail in life that is definitely going to happen in sometimes of our lives, but how can we past over this things(failures) matters a lot. We failed something in our lives not just because we don't know what we are doing but because there are some Lessons in what we are doing which need to be learn at such time in our lives. You don't have to beat yourself up just because life is trying to teach you a lesson, learn to love yourself and you will see how things could work out for you too.

Be Consistent

When you fall, get yourself together and think of the reasons behind why you fall and work on it instead of accusing others. They have nothing to do with you, but what you have to offer to them matters a lot.

In Conclusion

Instead of  giving  up, why not find the reasons why you failed. Failures happens in order to test your faith, trust, capability, perseverance  and your determination. I know it's hard for you to leave things you are satisfied with doing but you have to for the long run.

Your best,

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